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We all have heard the word. People talk about it all the time. You hear it at work, in tv programmes, read it in magazines…, It’s in ‘fashion’ nowadays. We pretend to know the meaning of it and we are ‘encouraged’ by friends and peers alike to be ‘accountable’ in our life.

What does it really mean to be ‘accountable’ though? How does it work? And more importantly, are you actually applying ‘accountability’ to your life??

Accountability is the attitude/quality to assume or own responsibility for one’s mistakes. To be able learn from them, to move on and grow as a person and or as a professional from the experience.

Think about the next scenario:

You’re the team leader of a highly specialised sales company. You are appointed with a specific task of achieving a very ambitious goal and you fail to deliver. What would you do when you have to explain the situation to the CEO? Will you blame the team mates, or will you single out one of them only as the reason for missing the target? Will you blame the circumstances out of your control; for example, ‘the current market situation’? Or will you be accountable and take full responsibility for missing the target? However, many people including those so called ‘leaders’, constantly refuse to be accountable simply because their ego is too big to accept any kind of responsibility.

We have to be able to apply accountability if we want to take control of our lives whether at home or in the work place. We have to be able to diminish our ego in order to control the situation and move on. Our ego is the enemy and must be eliminated if we are to be successful and take accountability of our lives.

When problems arise in either your personal or professional life, what do you do? Do you analyse the situation calmly and rationally taking accountability for what’s happening and accepting responsibility for all your actions? Or do you scream and shout, blaming other people, circumstances, the world we live in today…, for what’s happening?

We CAN control our behaviours and attitudes in the face of adversity. If you don’t like something or are unhappy with a situation, it is up to you to change it. Don’t blame others for it. Your inability to change will make you blame everyone and everything else but yourself. The fact is that you can’t control other people attitudes and behaviours so putting the responsibility of problems on them won’t work. You have to own it and change it.