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Who is Born to Train?

Born to train is run by Francisco Campana, a fitness professional for over 20 years.

Are you Looking for a Personal Trainer in Fulham?

Born to Train provides personal training in Fulham and the surrounding London boroughs.

Run by Francisco Campana, a fitness professional for over 20 years, Born to Train specialises in personal training that includes tailored strength and conditioning programs, nutritional advice, and psychological coaching to help you achieve your goals.

As a multiple Ironman and half ironman triathlon finisher, Fran uses his extensive experience to offer triathlon training programs. These include personalized periodisation programmes to prepare you for triathlons and running races, nutritional assessments and sports nutrition advice during training and competition.

Fran is also a kick boxing and MMA specialist, holding the JC Santana qualification as a kick boxing and MMA coach. He learnt self-defence techniques whilst in military service and was an amateur kick boxing fighter in Spain before moving on to semi-pro level in Holland. Fran currently practices the martial art Shen Chi Do.

As individuals, Fran believes that we have to push our physical and mental abilities to the limits to discover the person we really are. Without hard work there simply are no results. The key is the quality of that hard work. Commitment and practice will pay dividends in the future.

Each one of us is different, hence why the amount of effort and hard work required to achieve the desired results will also be different for each of us. Born to Train always bear in mind your ultimate goal, as without a goal we will be lost. Fran will teach you patience and help you to achieve the right mind-set so you don’t deviate from your goals and dreams.

You should enjoy the process and the journey because it’s yours and nobody else’s.

If you are looking for a Fulham personal trainer, then contact Fran today to take the first step in achieving your fitness goals!

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Personal Trainer in Fulham

Triathlon Athlete & Competitor

Francisco has been training and racing in triathlons since 2005.

His very first race was a sprint triathlon held in Dorney Lake, London (hosting the rowing events during the London Olympics in 2012) which although he made a few mistakes was a great experience. After the race he had such an adrenaline rush that left him wanting more.

A friend of his and also fellow triathlete persuaded him to sign up for a full Ironman distance triathlon in 2006, which he did; Ironman Austria. Although Francisco registered without much hope of getting the place (as the race was already sold out of he was placed in a waiting list) he then was informed in January 2006 that he had been awarded with a place and he only had 24h to proceed with registration. Francisco’s Ironman journey began that way.

Since then he couldn’t be more grateful of a discipline that has giving him the opportunity to continue exploring and developing his fitness and mental limits.

What Our Clients Say

This man is a genius with training and performance. He got me through my Ironman and Etape, and he has trained me Physically for over 7 years. I trust this man with my body and he gets results. He listens and understands the demands in my life. He won’t let me get away with anything, but he is compassionate.

I highly recommend Fran “Coach” Campa to anyone serious about creating change in his or her life.

Rhys Chong

Director Physical Edge Ltd

Fran has been training me for four years and has been a great source of knowledge across multiple disciplines. Whether it’s triathlons, marathons, long distance bike events, strength and conditioning training, nutrition, flexibility, boxing and martial arts, you name it, Fran will be able to help you achieve far more than you could ever do just by yourself.

Highly recommended.

Chris Brocklehurst


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