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Run by Francisco Campana, a fitness professional for over 20 years, Born to Train specialises in personal training that includes tailored strength and conditioning programs, nutritional advice, and psychological coaching.


Francisco helps and empowers people to exceed in achieving their personal and professional goals. It isn’t about training but about enabling you to discover your true potential as an individual or as a team.

Whether you’re looking for a Personal Trainer or a Life Coach, Francisco can help you to achieve your fitness goals and personal dreams. He will teach you the skills to build resilience and confidence so you can perform to your best under pressure, regardless the challenge. After training with Francisco you will be physically and mentally prepared for any challenge you may attempt, from a 5k run to an Ironman triathlon or joining the parachute regiment!

Personal Training

Life Coaching

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Meet Francisco Campana

Francisco Campana is one of the best in the field with over 20 years of experience in the fitness industry

Francisco Campana

Personal trainer and Coach

I have been working in the fitness industry for over 20 years and am also a 12 time Ironman Triathlon Finisher athlete and martial artist. When I started my triathlon and martial arts training I didn’t give a moment’s thought about the mental side. For me it was only how many hours I trained for. As I completed more and more Ironman Triathlons I realised I could only make so many gains on the physical side, but what was holding me back was my emotional intelligence.

During this time I spent quite a bit of time discussing my challenges with another Life Coach and that’s when I realised that not only me but my clients and athletes needed more than just physical training. I branched out into Life Coaching to complement the physical side and to ensure that we have the complete package.

I believe that I offer a unique approach to Life Coaching because I understand both the physical and emotional side of coaching.


This man is a genius with training and performance. He got me through my Ironman and Etape, and he has trained me Physically for over 7 years. I trust this man with my body and he gets results. He listens and understands the demands in my life. He won’t let me get away with anything, but he is compassionate.

I highly recommend Fran “Coach” Campa to anyone serious about creating change in his or her life.

Rhys Chong
Director Physical Edge Ltd

Fran has been training me for four years and has been a great source of knowledge across multiple disciplines. Whether it’s triathlons, marathons, long distance bike events, strength and conditioning training, nutrition, flexibility, boxing and martial arts, you name it, Fran will be able to help you achieve far more than you could ever do just by yourself.

Highly recommended.

Chris Brocklehurst

I have been working with Fran since 2016 in preparations for numerous triathlons, marathons and endurance bike rides. Fran recently helped me to achieve my ultimate goal of completing an Ironman triathlon. It wasn’t exactly a smooth journey for me over the last few years which have been filled with a nasty bike crash and other various health issues which have greatly affected my training. Fran has been supportive through all the tough times and consistently exercises such great patience with me. I felt such a great sense of pride and achievement when I finally crossed the finish line of Ironman Barcelona and couldn’t wait to share this with Fran. We have truly been through a journey over the years and I am ready to cross the finish line of another Ironman race this year with the support of Fran! I would highly recommend Fran as a coach his dedication and compassion is a brilliant complement to his experience and expertise.

Senior Manager, Financial Crime and Forensics

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